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Wolf Brand Chili was never home made chili. But it served a purpose.

There was nothing better to make a Frito Pie with or to put on your chili dog or to mix in with Velveta cheese to make a great dip. Again it was never home made chili, but sometime it was good just to eat a warmed up bowl of it. You could always depend on its quality and taste. But ***-agra let the bean counters into the kitchen and screw up a product with over a hundred years of history.

To put it mildly, it tastes awful. The last time we had it at our house was, the last time we have it at our house. Everyone in the family left a partially eaten plate of hot dogs with chili. Eyuck, this stuff certainly won't make it in Texas for sure.

It reminds me a lot of what happened at Coca Cola with New Coke.

I haven't drunk Coke in years. New or Classic.

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Fort Polk, Louisiana, United States #844937

I suggest the Hormel Blue Ribbon Cookoff Chili. It's not chili "paste" like Wolf's has become. Nice hunks of identifiable meat.

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